Michelle Obama: Tea Party Racists

July 13, 2010 at 12:16 am | Posted in obama | 2 Comments
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So now the world finds out what she was talking about saying she was never proud of this country. Michelle Obama decided to throw gasoline on the left induced racism fire claiming that the Tea Party has “Racist elements.”

Question: How many Black Panther Members are card carrying NAACP members?

Although I will be portrayed as a racist just for asking that question, is this the pot calling the kettle African American? This has gotten to a point where the Obama administration is not helping the economy, environment, jobs, immigration, or any other major issue facing the American people. So therefore in conclusion all of his detractors are……………….wait for it……………………………..waaaaait for it………………………..


Sad that this brilliant man who would bring the world together is now so pathetically trying to tear it apart. Take responsibility for anything, life is simply not what you are used to. Which clearly must be a mulligan.


Obama-ism Almost Complete

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This man has screwed this country over so bad in his first year and change it is unreal. Now the amount of money GOVERNMENT paid out has SURPASSED private businesses. He has put the pedal to the metal on create a weak at the knees socialist country. Obama has ruined our international strength, our financial might, and utilized an unease in everyday life due to the recession to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

With a nuclear Iran, consisting of former allies Turkey and Brazil teaming with them, we could be on the doorstep of another missile crisis before you know it with someone like Venezuela or even Cuba again. This has gone beyond anything I could have imagined so soon. The mid terms are coming and hopefully a jolt to the President of the World, as his dem’s will lose some seats.

The cost of life.

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Apparently the cost of a life is $726,409.
Stupak sold out. Sold out children across the country who will now never see the light of day.


You went to sleep in a free country…..

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But someone broke into your house in the middle of the night and replaced your personal freedom with socialism….

Now that the largest tax increase and government power grab has passed. The time has come to select the location of the revolution. For the first time in our countries history the government is forcing citizens to pay for something they don’t want, or face penalties of fines and prison time.

On a Sunday night in mid March at 10:44pm, when no one was paying attention, the Democratic party, led by a bunch of 60’s and 70’s socialist radicals, turned the nation upside down. That is right out of the Democrat play book. The Freedom Tracker will be promptly updated today, as your loss of freedom will be documented.

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