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That’s right kiddies, your new spokesperson for global warming is none other than CHARLES MANSON. I revisit long ago a wise man who said “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Proof.


Michelle Obama: Tea Party Racists

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So now the world finds out what she was talking about saying she was never proud of this country. Michelle Obama decided to throw gasoline on the left induced racism fire claiming that the Tea Party has “Racist elements.”

Question: How many Black Panther Members are card carrying NAACP members?

Although I will be portrayed as a racist just for asking that question, is this the pot calling the kettle African American? This has gotten to a point where the Obama administration is not helping the economy, environment, jobs, immigration, or any other major issue facing the American people. So therefore in conclusion all of his detractors are……………….wait for it……………………………..waaaaait for it………………………..


Sad that this brilliant man who would bring the world together is now so pathetically trying to tear it apart. Take responsibility for anything, life is simply not what you are used to. Which clearly must be a mulligan.

What is really behind “Healthcare reform” and “Copenhagen”

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I am really wondering what is going to come of a terrorist sympathizing, national apologist of Surrender in Chief will contribute to both healthcare and the environment.


Government has its place. Currently the Democrats have been elected to not have to worry about checks and balances. Bad on us and we are now paying for it. Healthcare reform was started to reduce the cost of healthcare. Instead of trying to regulate outrageous perscription drug prices, we are just trying to create a 2400 page debacle of legislation that the people voting for it have not even read. Exciting. Page 1337 could state that term limits are gone for President and our Congress and Senate wouldn’t have a freakin clue.

This enviromentalist crap in Copenhagen is socialist capitalist hating love fest. Did you see the flags they were flying?? That’s right Kids the good ole USSR. That is what you get when a socialist President gets together with a bunch of crooks from the United Nations.

Hopefull for America’s sake the next President will have the balls to kick them out of the USA and drop out of the UN. Obama is busy trying to become the President of the world. He is on his way, ruining the US economic system and turning it into socialism while growing government to avoid the eventual revolt from the intelligent (and conservative mind you).

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