Jesse “The Crazy” Ventura

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So I have been pondering all night whether I have lost all respect for former Governor Jesse Ventura or not. I watched his new “Conspiracy Theory” show on TruTv. It was around 9/11 and they went through the normal ringer, super thermite (ie sparklers), inside job, controlled demolition, and it all was silly. However the one thing I did find interesting was the black box issue and supposedly that they reveal that the terrorists were in the cockpits on the runway and allowed to take off due to their threats. If this is the case it would be a tremendous error by the government that may just bring some people to lose their jobs.

I am just not sure that Jesse Ventura hasn’t completely lost his mind. I used to be pro Jesse because he is the definition of an independent, and he served our country. Now I am not sure if he was so cast out by the establishment that maybe all he wants to do now is bring the establishment down. It would be a shame because when he talks, people listen. Hopefully he can refocus and not get his shows talking points from Rosie O’donell.


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